Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hello all my readers

im no more using blogspot, i got an upgrade =)

i have my very own website =) check it out


Sunday, August 23, 2009

New look

I think its about time that my blog needed a new look

made it all black =), cause im black, lol

enjoy reading =)

Fairytale =)

I forgot how long was it
since I last heard you telling me your favorite story, that fairy tale
I have been thinking for a very long time, I’m beginning to feel paranoid
Did I make any mistakes again?

You told me with the tears in your eyes, that fairy tales are all lies
It’s impossible for me to be your prince charming
maybe you will not understand
until the moment comes when you say you love me
the stars in my sky, are beginning to shine and shimmer
I’m willing to be, in the fairytale with you
the angel you love
open my arms wide, let it become wings to protect you
You have to believe
believe that we will be like the fairytale
with happiness and joy as the ending
everything is our beautiful ending…
can i be your prince charming?

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Grilled Chicken with an Asian Flavor

rToday i was kinda bored, so i decided to cook =) i cooked Oriental Barbecued Chicken
it was simple to make, not that hard
just had to marinade the chicken with soy sauce, honey dark Sesame Oil, ginger and garlic for about 4 hours
after that just grilled it
it turned out alright, the smell was awesome !!!
even my dad said that it was nice =P, lol
but it was a bit salty, should lay off the soy sauce, we learn from our mistakes =)



Sunday, August 16, 2009


Looks like i dint touch this blog for a long time, and now its time for an update
looks like most ppl say my poems are very emo and they dont like it, so for the time being, im going to be a normal blogger and blog about their life and events that seem important to them

Owh ya, i start working out recently, some of you might be laughing, specially gopal !!
but laugh all u want, i dont give a fuck about what u think, lol
The reason that made me start working out is because "somebody" gave me the motivation that i needed =)
Thank you *******

My daily routine is, its kinda boring, wake up at 12pm, eat, exercise,bath, sleep, exersice, bath, eat, online, sleep
i know im a pig, hahahaha
going to change it soon =)

Thanks to my cousin that will be down here for about a month, im going to start training with him =)

My goal is to get a killer body before next year !!!

Btw, u guys should check out P90X
its a killer homework out, do it for 90 days, and u will get a what u worked for
it comes with a routine to follow and a diet to follow, ill update a post about p90x when i start it =)

wish me luck

p/s... thank you again to that person that gave me the motivation !!!!!!!!! =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

I wish that you can

I wish that you can lend me your ear when i need somebody to talk to
I wish that you will come to me and ask me if everything is alright
I wish that you will at least ask me how was my day
I wish that you would call me, wanting to know what am i doing
I wish that you can care for me as i care for you
I wish that you will close your eyes and say love is blind, because it really is
I wish that you wont ignore me when i need you the most
I wish that you can be my light in the dark
I wish that you will carry me up when i fall
I wish that you can tell me all your deepest secrets
I wish that you can take me to a deeper conversation
I wish that you smile at me every time we meet
I wish that you come to me first if you have a problem
I wish that you like me as how i like you
I wish that you find happiness in your life
I wish that you live forever till worlds end
I wish that you can give me a present, even though its not a special day
I wish that you would text me when you are bored
I wish that you would take the effort to understand me better, like how i do to you
I wish that you will one day hold my hand, and call me your guy

you can keep on wishing, but it aint coming true, no matter how hard you try, it will never come true, you can never force somebody to love you or like you, it all depends on both individuals, no matter how much love and affection you show somebody else and you have to get back the same thing, the person might give you back what you gave, or that person might just....well, u know where it ends =).

p/s, Before you fall, remember to think before you fall, you never know what awaits you at the end. It might be good or evil. Its all a matter of opinion, its ur wish, i would say, follow your heart, but......are you me???

Friday, July 17, 2009

Round Round Round

I saw this girl
my world turned
round round just round my head
beautiful girl
nothing else to see
just you and me girl, can we be girl
sitting down, holding hands
awww, thats sweet girl, love your smile
baby girl u look fine
ill cross the finish line to be ur man
nobody else can get in my way
you and me girl, thats were we at
haha, if only that could happen

girl you are my world
you are my sun
you are my moon
just seeing you makes me go round round round
just round round round
just round round round
never ending round round round

Hey girl lets make this short and sweet
these few lines is going to about you, everything you
you light up everything when its dark
your touch is the greatest cure there is
lets get this down rite now
will you spend that night with me
the night that all have been waiting for
can i be the one that you pick girl
will you pick me? owh pls girl, thats all im asking for
i might not be the person for you
i might not be ur prince charming
i might not be the brightest of the bunch
so what do u say girl? am i the one?

girl you are my life
you are my soul
you are my doll
just seeing you makes me go round round round
just round round round
just round round round
never ending round round round

haha, thats all i got to say
there isnt anymore
this sound a little dum
cause im a bum
and i was bored
good nite people
sweet dreams
remember girl, think about it =)